Power of Thoughts

Way of thinking determines life – the idea is not new, but there treat it carefully? Understand whether the degree of importance the most powerful creative forces of thought? Yes, within each of us, there really is a great creative force, which realizes all that we will send it. Like any other energy (power), can be used for evil or for good. Controlling it, man becomes master of his life, but if it remains unchecked, then the person transformed into an autumn leaf that the circumstances and the decisions of other people thrown from side to side. Rusty holzer may not feel the same. It is important to realize that the miraculous power of thought can heal the person back to life, but it also is capable of kill My goal had been failures, poverty, addiction, illness and loneliness. Where I come from are – silly goal? I think you have already become clear, the medium in which I was born and lived, I was dictating my life. Lived in ignorance, and I thought that everything is as it should be. I reproduced in my life that I had before my eyes. Power of Thought operated smoothly: I believe that a loser – and I was a loser, he believed that the need for someone to work – and looking for the owners, believed at that that work very hard to get – and no one was needed. I envision the terrible picture, and they turned into reality, each time assuring me that all my pessimistic predictions were really true

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