Pin Up Made In Germany

Woman dreams come true (and men too) slowly but surely, pin up and burlesque in Germany an interest to continue enhancing experience. What is to be so closer than where interested ladies your dreams can live out a PIN to offer up course, even the glamorous Femme Fatale of the 40s? That thought is also Germany’s most famous retro pin up Sari and the free photojournalist Jean aka Buddha photo. And already started with the preparations. The first course was a huge success and more will soon follow. \”Of course I would like to fulfill all their wishes the ladies who attend my course so they go home happy and with beautiful photos – until then, it is often much persuasion that I have to do. It is not more like the ladies do not want – that often lacks self-confidence. I get many emails with the set IH would love to but I’m not too big, too small, too thick, too thin? the pin up was always the girl next door.

Once you have the old pin up Browse magazines of the 1940s and 1950s years – all shapes and sizes were represented and all looked fantastic nonetheless.\”says Sari despite female curves for various national and international fashion designers and companies like lucky model was Diva (D), Ars Vivendi (D), secrets in lace (United States), T-Shirt jerk (United States), as well as various magazines and photo books. Therefore, a casual, cozy, almost familial atmosphere in which the ladies quickly thaw and feel there is also for the courses with the long-time photojournalist Jean. Each type is represented. From the housewife to the businesswoman. All have it in common. You want to try something new, discover a new side of themselves and may occur in the footsteps of Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe.

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