Olympic Games

In 1949. in Budapest on the women's world championship was the strongest team in Hungary. In the future world championship held every four years. A total of seven men and 3 women's championships in handball 11×11. In 1966. Y11 held, the last world championship handball 11×11, ceased to exist in the rank of the international game, thus giving them an opportunity to develop handball 7×7. In 1954. Sweden took the world championship handball 7×7 men's teams.

Won by the Swedes, while the women held their first championship in handball 7×7 in 1957. .1 place in the team of Czechoslovakia. Handball 7×7 was returned to the Olympic program only in 1972. by xx Olympic games in Munich. The competition was held indoors, men's teams participated. Yugoslavia won the handball.

Women's handball was first included in the program xxi Olympic Games in 1976. in Montreal. Excellent statement of the women's team in Montreal, as enshrined winning gold medals at the Olympics in Moscow, ultimately strengthen the position of our Soviet school of the international game. Emergence national handball back to the beginning of the twentieth century and is associated with the penetration into Russia physical education system. Handball appeared for the first time in in 1909. Ukrainian handball was the ancestor of Czech game 'Hazen, cultured in a society' Falcon 'as a gymnastic game. The crucial achievement in the development of handball in Russia before the Revolution belongs to Dr. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. E. F. Maly, who in the year 1914. completing work on creating highly mobile and efficient ball games and is developing the first in our country, the official rules of Ukrainian handball.


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