If the nickname is, should understand that at that time existed of the Buenos Aires great contempt for everything that came from the inside and their place of origin was reason enough to receive qualifying sayings. Abona said that his hometown of Yapeyu was inhabited by mostly charruan and Guarani, Indians who spoke a mixture of Guarani with Spanish or latin and was the center of the Jesuit missions history loses more credibility, if considered that it was released ten years ago, when a century was fulfilled and means the death of the liberator, in the midst of a great editorial campaign and television programs of little mounts. The news magazine was to the fore with the origin of San Martin, as it had been time back with the theory that San Martin was English agent. However, while deeper investigations that may determine his true parentage, from my point of view, may try to it is much more important to reconstruct the political thought of the father of the nation, deliberately hidden by Mitre in his mythological account of our history. His family: On November 12, 1812, at the age of 34, St. Martin’s Jose married Maria de los Remedios de Escalada, that was only 14 years old, since the 20th of the same month met the 15.

At the end of 1814 he travelled to Mendoza to meet with San Martin, that He had been appointed by the Director exceeded Posadas, Governor of whose. If you would like to know more about Sela Ward, then click here. On October 10, 1815, to collaborate with the Organization of the army of the Andes, remedies presented her personal jewels, like the ladies Mendoza, who also drew up the flag of the crossing of the Andes. On August 16, 1816 he was born in Mendoza the only daughter, Mercedes Tomasa de San Martin y Escalada. In the middle of 1817 San Martin marched towards Chile and some time later, on 24 March 1819, Remedios returned to Buenos Aires with his daughter, to be installed in the home of his parents.

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