Moses Pelham

Intelligent lyrics and well-thought-out music videos. In the history of music German performers, had it up on a few periods of marriage, always a little heavier than English-language artists. German music sell is not good, said so many German artists put on English texts it at least since the 1980s. In the 1990s, however, there was an artist who opposed the trend and instead created an own trend with only German-language music – Xavier Naidoo. These artists fell apart from intelligent texts always through particularly well thought-out music videos, in which he vividly represent the essence of his songs was. Lively and cool! The single “in my soul” from the eponymous album, once again, is a catchy tune from the House of Xavier Naidoo.

Although the sounds have a high recognition value and the voice is anyway memorable and distinctive, this song has quite jazz and soul influences, which affect the versatile artist one so far unfamiliar terrain goes. Just like in his music videos, the video for the song tells a story that is not a certain pinch of humour and self-irony. Although the song is certainly a giant love letter to life and love, the video is not the common cliches. It is decorated in a retro look and also – other than in other comparable artist music videos – not pure self-expression by Xavier Naidoo. The artist seems to take, here in an unfamiliar way even a little on the pokes fun at what makes the video very interesting and worth seeing come therefore. Fans of Xavier Naidoo will love it anyway and also for those who were so far not very great fans of the music of the artist, the video offers an interesting story, quite suitable to the music.

Differently than in other music videos the viewer waiting here but in vain – not unusual for love songs – Kiss between the main protagonists and the beautiful woman! New album, familiar quality! Although “at my Other pearls of the artists on this album can be found soul”from the most recent, self-titled album by Xavier Naidoo quite single well was selected as. So, for example, the song “Your last” is a collaboration with his first producer Moses Pelham, which will certainly please fans of the artist. The album is certainly not easy to digest and will need to be heard by people not thoroughly dealing with the music of the artist, certainly more than once, to capture the entire essence of the album. Nevertheless, worth, once inside listen, because the artists vote technically everything and also the songs, are accurate, as once again deep in the music videos of Xavier Naidoo, and well thought-out.

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