Micro Nutrient Medicine

Precise micro-nutrient analysis for the nervous system is one of the most common neurological diseases the polyneuropathy. In this disorder, the peripheral nerves are damaged. These are the nerves outside the central nervous system. While the disease both on the motor, as well as the sensitive or autonomic nerve fibers can stretch. Usually occurs the disease on the hands and feet. It often begins with tingling sensation, Formication, unpleasant sensations of temperature and other sensory disturbances that occur often sock-shaped and mostly glove shaped hands on the feet. A polyneuropathy may different causes alcohol disease, Lyme disease, chemotherapy or exposure to environmental toxins, severe lack of B vitamins etc. tl/’>CPIC, who has experience with these questions. See rusty holzer for more details and insights.

have E.g. diabetes mellitus, All poly neuropathy patients is shared, that the nerves have pathological changes, as lesions of the tumor, degeneration of the Nervenzellkorper and axons or inflammatory changes of the nerve vessels. One Therapy with micro-nutrients through the Elimination of vitamin deficiency, is a meaningful form of adjuvant therapy with conventional treatment methods with Polyneuropathy, since micro nutrients help nerve metabolism in various ways: carnitine has neuroprotective properties. Vitamin B1 is essential for the energy metabolism of the nerve cells. Vitamin B6 can reduce the saccharification of proteins. Vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation of the role; Folic acid is needed for the Cholinsynthese. Antioxidant substances are also discussed in Neuropathies: the vitamin C levels are often reduced in diabetics.

A vitamin deficiency increases the risk of nerve damage and Neuropathies. Arginine has a significant function in the regulation of vessel size, taurine may reduce diabetic IBNR. Messengers are formed from other amino acids such as glutamine, serine, tyrosine, tryptophan – signal substances, which transmit the nerve impulses from one cell to the other. A therapy with A gentle therapy that can contribute to the protection of the nerve cell is micro-nutrients, properly conducted. For this purpose it is necessary accurately to determine the micro nutrient needs of individuals on the basis of a micro-nutrient analysis of blood. The DCMS-neuro-check of the diagnostic centre is an accurate analysis of the blood and forms the basis for a targeted micro-nutrient therapy for polyneuropathy.

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