Man Venom

Man venom so I want to call you because you leave in my soul a feeling tremendous desire to kiss you and love you, even when you go against sea and wind. Man poison, which you say magic words that touch and caressing me vuelves loca whatever you do accurately, you provoke my desire with total virtue. Man poison, you’re foreign but mine I love at least one night but man that fills me, poison I fall love with the passion that you give me. Real man an intense man who makes my heart throb, which provokes a desire to immense desire to kiss, love and dream man venom, because you inject up to my soul because you steal my thoughts because you make me lose soothing it because you carry with you my thinking and feeling man poison, because you Horizonte my life the shots in awhile and make it vibrate reparas kissing any wound man who poisons for love. Man venom that intoxicates, poison that erodes my whole being man who invites me to give me the desire that I have at your side with the look that excites… Man poison, come and take me get with me what they want in your mind besame, caress, amame that with you I am unconscious man poison that kills and burning man poison my being poisons D.R. Adriana Marin 2009 original Autor and source of the article.

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