How To Learn To Draw And Where To Start

Want to learn how to draw the unknown but with what and how to start, then this article is for you. It so happens that people really want to learn to draw but do not know where to start. And we should start with a vague until you understand under the name painting technique. Painting technique, style means that you'll draw and stuff with which you work. Style is usually dictated by the material such as oil paints and material dictates the style such as watercolor, it is inherent in his style. When we have this figured out: The first thing you need is to find a style, then the only thing we can advise is to pay for the paintings and drawings by masters have already taken place in different directions art.

To do this, I advise positit online gallery, or if possible near the museum. And now for a little attention! When you strongly like a painting or drawing that is taken for the soul. Stay on this artist, find out what style it works, look at the work of other artists in this field. When it happened, and you like the work of some artists that maybe imriseonizm, Cubism, primitive or classic, bold type in a search engine 911 and digs what material you need. This includes a brush to paint in watercolor or oil, a collection of graphic pencils, watercolor water (also costs money) or solvent for oil paints. But learning about painting … Grandpa Internet. If you dig you can find many references. If you are interested in pencil drawing you here in my personal gallery you will find the initial stage of drawing in pencil and oil painting and drawing different materials. I wish you success and best wishes, Eugene Krapivner.

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