Heat With Pellet Heating Systems

One-or two-family houses can be heated with the pellets, one of the most convenient fuels. Heating with wood pellets reduces the greenhouse effect, because you behave during the combustion of CO -neutral, ie they release the stored solar energy, without increasing the CO content of the atmosphere. Pellets come from domestic production over short distances to users and ensure the conservation of energy and the conservation of domestic jobs. The consumer benefits are mainly the very low ash accumulation, low storage requirements, the delivery from a tanker, the easy transport of the pellets and the comfortable operation of the facilities. Pellet heaters are in the U.S. since the early 80 – the seventies and eighties in use in Austria and the Scandinavian countries began their 90-victory at the start of the seventies and eighties, and in Germany, the first systems were installed in 2000. Meanwhile pellet heating systems are developing rapidly. In 2006 alone created 26,000 new pellet heating systems in Germany. TheGerman Energy Industry Association – Pellet Association DEPV expects a doubling of installed pellet heating systems by 2010 and a quadrupling by 2015. Pellet heaters are available for purchase as individual stoves and as central heating systems with automatic loading to. Individual stoves are often placed directly into the living quarters. Due to the variety of design, shape and the different colors of individual stoves offered by various manufacturers, to integrate them well into one’s own body style. About the installation of water pockets individual stoves can also connect to the heating pipe network and can be used as additional heaters or even for the entire heating supply of the building. Due to the small sizes of the reservoir at individual stoves, this operation be limited to buildings with low energy and passive houses or apartments. The situation is different for central pellet boilers, here is fully automatic pellet feeders, withcorrespondingly large storage tanks, the energy requirement will be met by larger buildings. If the storage tanks should be noted, however, that one must take into account pellet – facilities about 1.5 to 1.7 times as large reservoirs in a building with the same heat output for an oil tank. Especially in combination with solar panels and corresponding buffers pellet heating systems a cost-effective and environmentally friendly technology in comparison to conventional heating systems.

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