Heat Pump

More information appears on the internet about this form of heating, as heat pumps. This thermal equipment has proved very effective and abroad each year continues to grow and the cis. In future heat pumps will be the basis of heating any house, fully demonstrating its advantage over the gas and the boiler plant. The main and the advantage of heat pumps – cost. Minimum energy consumption and savings in maintenance and operation. All this saves your time and money. Just heat pumps are used to maintain the temperature in the swimming pool and sauna in the cold season, and roast Time can replace your air conditioner, thereby creating a comfort to you and your family. How could such a heating system work? The heat pump converts the energy of the environment (soil, water, solar, wind), in the heat.

What exactly is happening? Grunt easiest source of energy as heat is retained in the soil, and accumulate throughout the year. Heat transfer occurs through the ground probes, burying them deep into the ground or groundwater reservoirs. They are filled special solution with a low freezing point, which serves as coolant. Water sources of energy can be used sea, river, lake, reservoir, artificial wells, sewage. The slight difference of groundwater systems. At higher temperatures, water provides the lowest temperature difference between the consumer and the source, thereby increasing its conversion rate. While the range of air pumps that use this kind of energy have a price much lower, but the versatility of our climatic zones until they lose. Such pumps are used in warmer climates, where temperatures range not lower than -15 degrees. Thus, heat pumps – it's environmental, safety, universal heating system, which means progress and development of these units will not keep waiting.


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