Han Dynasty

Word and its sound, shape and color – are carriers of a transcendental nature, yet only dimly begins to see us. Also like the sound of an elephant attached to what was said its shine and color gives a particular form of spirituality. Initial the essence of color is a fabulous sound, music, born of light, but as soon as I start to think about the color and try to touch him, forming one or another concept, its charm is destroyed and is in our hands only remains of his body. The color of the monuments of past ages, we could identify the emotional nature of the disappeared people. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks have experienced great joy of colorful shapes.

In China, already in ancient times there were many excellent artists. One of the emperors of the Han Dynasty in 80 bc arranged entire warehouses, museums he collected paintings, bowing in front of their beauty and brilliance. In the era of the Tang (618-907) in China have murals and painting on wood, are extremely bright. At the same time opened new yellow, red, green and blue glaze for ceramics. In the era of Sun (90-1279) sense of color has become extremely sophisticated. Color in Art acquired a wide variety of shades and with his help sought to achieve naturalistic. In ceramics with colored glazes used a variety of previously unknown beauty, like the beauty of the color of sea water or moonlight. In Europe, remained brightly colored polychrome Roman and Byzantine mosaics of the first millennium of the Christian era.


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