Gwyneth Paltrow Two Decades

The French edition of Elle magazine interviews stars of "Iron Man" actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Q: Have you ever been on a casting bed scenes? A. Yes. When I first started a career, a producer suggested to me that we finished the meeting in his bedroom. I was gone. I was very shocked. Those who considered it the norm in Hollywood, told me that my acting career would be ruined if I do not get this guy a blowjob! Q: How do you feel about the proposal women's roles today? A.

Kind of depressing. It seems that everything is in order, but little is really good, especially for people my age. Sometimes you will find that the role that you really liked, requires age 10 years younger. Q: What is your balance between work and motherhood? A. It is really hard.

One night in Nashville, my son screaming in terrible pain in my stomach. I thought, 'I must get out of here! "But we had to finish filming. My friend Jenna, the mother of three children, told me that nine times out of ten it's just gas. For seven years, Gwyneth is married to the singer of a certain group Coldplay Chris Martin (Chris Martin). The couple have two children together: daughter Apple and son Moses. Gwyneth always takes them with him to the shooting. Their marriage is one of the strongest unions in Hollywood, given that each has its own active and creative lives and careers. Coldplay come out with touring touring around the world, and Gwyneth has resumed offering the best movie roles. Gwyneth comments some of his most memorable roles: 'Shakespeare in Love' (1998) 'I thought we just create this little film work, fun for playwrights. I would never did not think that this film will take place which he won '' The Talented Mr. Ripley '(1999)' This motion picture had a wonderful cast. I played with Matt Damon and Jude Law '' Iron Man – 1.2 '(2008) (2010)' I do not participated in many scenes. And just two weeks after filming was lying by the pool with his family on a picnic in Los Angeles. It was awesome! "

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