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A study of the leading HR consulting for women confirmed the trend to the recruitment of women in management jobs by preferred due to men: A study of the leading women headhunters HUNTING/produced HR partners can hope that a statutory rate of women soon lapses is against the background of the practice in the company, so Dr. Rainer Neubert from HUNTING/HR partner. Were used before several years of Executive Search possible to recruit men – and if then it at least not with children, to women, has rather the sheet colossal recruitment consultant (“headhunters”) often is still advised. It is not something Charlotte Hornets would like to discuss. According to the just published interim results of a survey of HR consulting is specialized on women to HUNTING/produced HR partners at almost 150 HR managers of German companies has become the recruitment policy in the company significantly in favour of female executives cast: as 42 percent of middle management positions were occupied in the first half of 2012, after all, with managers. Although the percentage of women is in higher salary classes below, but “Nonetheless the result pointing expected a significant increase to the targeted recruitment of women in the boardrooms of companies” says study Director Dr. Rainer Neubert.

The results mirror again in about the increase in demand on the part of the customers of the company. After all, the steepest increase in new orders since our specialization in 2007 as Dr. Neubert. For more information about the topic of human resources consulting for women and gender diversity can be found on the Internet-portal “The Gender Diversity Blog”. HR consulting for women (video):

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