Friendship Between Man

Long ago there was friendship between dog and man. People hunt, got their food, while the wolf-hunting predators, usually ended in failure. And wild animals are eat up food debris left after the people. Later years, the animals are accustomed to helping people to grow roots and become close to human houses. People have noticed that their comrades are excellent herders and hunters and were tame dogs.

It took many centuries since then, and the dogs were devoted friends of man. This myth is retold on the occurrence of affection between man and dog. But, alas, was not so easy. Reality is always more difficult and prosaic. But can it be judged likely to origin of the relationship between humans and dogs, if there are no accurate written confirmation? In this situation, the facts are the archaeological findings, the study scientists. So how do you really, man and dog become friends? Experts say that the first man appeared in the Paleolithic era, which began in 500 thousand years bc. Domestication of the wolf began about twelve thousand years ago. But wild beasts and people went to touch a lot It had been violent relationships.

Most often, one of them became the victim of another. Much in common it was for the first humans and wolves – a meal of both getting the same animals and habitat areas, respectively, were identical. And often, not only the remnants of the mining man ate wild animals, but on the contrary, people did not disdain the remains of a dog eat dinner. As soon as people became more intelligent, stronger and domesticate the dog. In the first period of residence in one area made it possible benefit for both groups. In the case of attacks on parked enemy species, dog guarding its territory, but at the same time, they felt safe because of the proximity to the stronger predator – man. So are the people. Living together gave other results: found that if just emerged puppy, first saw the man, he takes him for his mother. Parts were also cases of children feeding the dog, and vice versa. So gradually created the overall flock: the dog-man. Probably why the dog is so true man, as no other creature on Earth. They never believe people member of his flock.

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