Foreign Minister Westerwelle

Together we want to achieve, that financial support for countries and people who are affected by mines and cluster bombs, also remains in the next federal budget at least at the same level”, said Marion Gnanko, SODI project manager for humanitarian demining. Also, the Government at the highest level of the U.S. Government to appeal, to finally join the international landmine ban treaty. We encourage Foreign Minister Westerwelle, explicitly to a rapid accession to treaty to move his US colleague”, emphasizes Eva Maria Fischer, campaign spokeswoman for Handicap International. That the organizations are not alone with their demands, shows ban not only the strong support of German politicians, but also the participation of the UN Secretary General Ki-moon. As He was one of the first his beaten-up trouser legs for mine victims. Handicap International and SODI realize the humanitarian demining projects for years. As Handicap International engaged currently in Libya in the clearance of landmines and explosive remnants of war, as well as in the risk disclosure statement, to prevent more accidents. For many years, the organization supports the victims of land mines in Cambodia and many other countries. SODI also implemented projects for the Elimination of landmines and explosive remnants of war in Laos and Viet Nam with risk education to prevent further accidents. The measures be complemented by development projects to help the affected communities, to overcome consequences of war and poverty. Prominent supporters and supporters of the campaign: Director Doris Dorrie, actress Ulrike Folkerts, actor Felix Rolf Becker and Simon Boer, author Stephane Hessel, pop singer Sebastian Krumbiegel, clear the Berlin comedian Harmonists, rapper Prince PI, opera singer Michael full, comedian Michael Altinger, model with prosthesis Mario Galla etc. Donations are needed for the projects by Handicap International and SODI: solidarity service international e.V.


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