English Tea

But tea various gift boxes containing different types of tea, perhaps, a universal gift to you. The second in popularity only to tea at any Englishman worth arrangement own home and garden, and the owners love to do this yourself. That's why a good gift, which will always remind you of far apart, will design jewelry for the home, or flower seeds seedlings of trees and shrubs for the garden under the windows of the living room. Russian birch and rowan well take root in the British climate. Souvenirs made of wood, straw, inlaid with beautiful stones or painted, such as boards, spoons, dolls, porcelain Gzhel, Zhostovo trays or even a real Russian samovar, will be a unique decoration of English homes.

Fishing – this is a hobby of almost every Englishman. That is why it is appropriate bring a gift to Briton good bait, spinning or something of the fishing gear. If you meet another English in their native land, then arrange a fishing trip with an overnight stay. Take, as the heroes of the famous comedy White on black rock or rocks, do not forget the tent and all the necessary gear, but not worth the dynamite to take to scare the other is not strict morals. If you have the necessary permission and time of year allows, you can invite Englishman on a real Russian hunt foxes or ducks. This will be a great gift, and leave his soul in a lot of impressions. Very valuable to the British are still souvenirs with symbols of the Soviet Union, one might even say that this is a kind of exotic for them, as well as a good opportunity to begin to gather a collection of similar things. All of these tips are universal and do not take into account the individual characteristics and hobbies of the individual.

Better, of course, refer to propensities of man, if you are more or less familiar with it. Find out what the Briton is keen that he loves. Perhaps his passion – a game of cricket. A set of cricket – is not present in this case? And if you still learn the rules of the old English game and played it with friends from Albion, you will deliver and myself, and they call a lot of fun and a flurry of joyful emotions! Be bold! The next issue will focus on preferences in gifts of local residents Switzerland, in my opinion, the most romantic country, especially on the eve of Christmas and New Year …


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