Dacia Duster 110 DCi 4 X 4 In The Test

Autonet.at took the top-Duster with 110 diesel Horsepower and four-wheel drive in appearances. It isn’t cheap but cheap. Dacia Duster 110 dCi 4 x 4: Romanian driving HerzenSUV can even without conceit take place. How? Duster best with the Dacia totally unpretentious but yet unifying all the virtues of a terrain compact SUV in itself. Anna Belknap might disagree with that approach. Autonet.at test drove the Romanians on the top level Laureate with the 110 HP diesel and four-wheel drive. No discount touch and that he does in fact. The Franco Romanian is proper and not too with incentives. To highlight in particular the front fascia with chrome grilled flanked by two large, modern lamps, the company logo prominently emblazoned in the middle.

Clearly signaled to self-consciousness, that is, not lacking Dacia. That is reflected also in page view with the far provided wheel arches and, in the top version Laureate tested by us, standard 16-inch alus. No trace of hingeschludertem stroke also heckwarts: good proportioned and not bar a certain something. All in all the Duster, optically wiggled as a very worthy representative of the currently fashionable compact SUV class, need not to hide image traechtigerer competition and lacks any hint of discount-touch. Tidy ambience, the same is true for the Interior. Hofer ambience? By no means! The cockpit is presented clearly, clearly and not charm-free. Facing the doors and the center console is to certify even something like a certain design claim with their painted decorations. Also the build quality is not what you would expect from a designated price breaker ad hoc.

It’s the same with the materials: Although consistently hard plastic, which picks up shoring not cheap on. You will feel comfortable in the Duster. The complex, to be at the bottom of the income pyramid, remains at the helm of the Duster, in contrast perhaps to the Logan out. Good space sitting comfortably increases on tight stalls, but Miss You can something on lateral support.

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