Carlos Martinez Prawn

CARLOS MARTINEZ PRAWN By: Dr. Ticio Escobar (Minister of Culture Paraguay) To read original (to click) in: It has divided a great one of Paraguay. Its work, extraordinary, will continue marking the history of the culture of our country, and the one of Argentina, with the force of an original fact that it twists the course of the time, the writing, the language. On the one hand, Carlos Martinez Prawn inaugurates historically prosa literary in guaran; on the other, the National Prize of Literature, that with as much justice received he in 2003, releases the concession of the award to a work written in that language. But those symbolic landmarks are sharps by a monumental work that defies, widens and enriches the written word; and it does from the resources of the poetry (including prosa literary), always located in the limits of the language. The fact that the own guaran language is provided of intense metaphorical densidad, is harnessed to the maximum by the writer, to the point that his Ayvu Rendy Side, compilation of the plegarias mby of Missions, register with naturalness in decurso of its work, illuminated with the brightness of the rhetoric (and the philosophy) guaran. By means of its exceptional literary production, as well as the forceful quality of its writing, together with the one of other great writers like Felix de Guarania, the guaran at present acquires an irrefutable universal statute that precedes and bases the defense of its value, fortified after the impulse of tenacious promoters. But one semblanza fast of a big man would be truncates if it did not include his human dimension. The ethical and citizen value of Martinez Prawn, adversary of the dictatorship, jeopardizes with the freedom of his town, was worth exiles, persecutions and uprootings to him that define their personal profile and maintain the whole truth of their shining songs. Original author and source of the article.


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