Bavarian Red Cross

Oktoberfest in the top 30 percent of annual production of Munich’s breweries is consumed in two weeks holiday 12,000 people work at the Oktoberfest, of which 1600 – waitress 1440 toilets available for visitors to holiday offers 100,000 seats for the visitors right to take part in the festival have six breweries (Spaten, Augustiner, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbrauhaus, Lowenbrau) which in 2004 sold 5.5 million liters of beer (6 , 1 in 2003). Infrastructure 43 kilometers of cables used to supply electricity to the holiday, which convert 18 transformers. Energy consumption is about 3 million kilowatt-hours, which is approximately 13% Daily consumption of Munich.

Beer tent consumes about 400 kilowatt-hours, the big attractions about 300. To provide tents gas was laid network of gas pipes. 180,000 cubic meters gas consumed kitchen and an additional 20 000 spent on heating beer gardens, located in the open air. For medical care at a party meets Bavarian Red Cross. Number of “normal” accidents, occurring at the feast of approximately corresponds to the average German city. For immediate assistance on the territory of the holiday there is even a small operating. Theft of beer mugs in recent years, theft of beer mugs (Which is a professional offense) has acquired such dimensions that it can be called a popular sport at the Oktoberfest. For this reason, security officers can check any suspicious visitors for removal of mugs from the tents.


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