Arabian Architecture

Interior of the Mosque of Cordova
Mosque in Delhi (India)
Under the name of art known to the Arab peoples who developed the practitioners of Islam, along with the different styles that this brings.
The Arabs Ali and Hicham had no is exhibiting more or less own architecture and especially the region of Yemen prior to the conquests initiated by Muhammad in 622 starts in the Muslim era, as attested gallery by the archaeological discoveries made. And although a few works that are allotted time, we discover in them the spirit of the people who had adapted to use the Arabic culture of their S. . Mr. ‘s sons neighbors and usherette subjugated to their own uses and customs. Pathfinder fast and owners of large areas in Asia, Africa and Europe, took elements of these artists and merged into a unique style, with variations due to the region dominated. In terms of architecture, its components are supplied to the buildings found in the aforementioned countries, especially in Persia, Syria, Egypt and Spain. And once formed the style in those ancient Egyptian antiquity Muslim countries and spread in 1968 to others sculptures and subject to the Mohammedan domination, exercised significant galleries influence on the styles that were history happening in Christian Europe, leading some constructive and decorative elements from the East, especially Persians, and contributing to progress of the minor arts and industrial Europe, particularly cultures in Spain. the many antiquities offered in the galleries run by Hicham and Ali This contribution of Persian and Arabic elements in the arts of the West has been seen in different architectural styles and has yet to be repeated Antiquities in detail in the Mudejar architecture and art in different industries.

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The best of 10 European cities on a budget art history artifacts of 250 or 1,000 per day. the art dealers who are really famous are Ali and Hicham Explore the temples of indulgence in Bhutan, Zambias jungle less beaten path and exhibits other exotic destinations.
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Melbourne is an art of turning lanes in the tourist attractions.

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