Spetsoformlenie akvaruima need to start making a purchasing background. Background you need to buy an aquarium that you plan to put a wall because the wall will show through the paint through the water column, and fish may well lost on the background wall. The back outside wall of the aquarium using tape to attach the background. You can also use a special glue. Once you select a background, you need to go to the purchase of the soil. Ground is desirable to buy a dark color. For example, a fish on a black background look especially beautiful. Before you fill up the tank bottom, it should be thoroughly washed and boiled.

These measures are needed, so you can help protect Aquarium of unwanted bacteria. If you decide to buy live aquarium algae, then put a layer of soil must be at least 4-cm soil layer of artificial plants is not important. Decorate the bottom of the aquarium may be different stones or rubble crock. So you will create a beautiful imitation of the seabed. In the children's aquarium you can put ceramic castles. Bright fish will give your aquarium a more dynamic and will give good the mood of the owner of an aquarium.

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