Annex: Filmography of Frank Sinatra

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The following is a filmography of Frank Sinatra

Boston Herald
How to make an interview as a legend Stanley Donen, director of classics like ‘Singin’ in the Rain “(1952),” Royal Wedding ” (1951), a. ..
BBC News
Roll up, roll up for the incredible plastic man
The Huffington Post
Hair replacement “- that is how the various companies that sell Toupees market them – nothing new. They have since Roman times, and no doubt earlier. Narcissus is a property. But it is their presence in entertainment I find most amusing.
Gotha Mist
With a view to commemorate the city controversial reconfiguration of Times Square in a 58,000-square foot pedestrian plaza , the 1949 Gene Kelly / Frank Sinatra 1949 Technicolor romp on the town (shown more) will be running free outside on Monday at 12 pm, Broadway at 47th Street. It is also the last day of Fleet Week, and perhaps because thisbut is the secret, because …

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