American Museum Natural Sciences

By the way, different people can choose different pictures on the pile: someone you present a glass with a familiar sign, and someone will get to the skyscrapers and suspension bridges, as if drawn with Indian ink. There is one more fun little gift that certainly have the liking of any of your friends – it's a bottle opener in the form of the Statue of Liberty. But the originality of it is that when the device regards tube, then starts playing the melody from the musical "New York, New York." Wander the streets of the Big Apple "- is already enjoying. In addition to a very special atmosphere in the city has many interesting museums and attractions. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costa Rican Museum, American Museum Natural Sciences and the famous Museum of Modern Art, MoMA same – that's an incomplete list of exhibitions and museums. Why are only ethnic quarters! Chinatown, Little Italy and all known Brighton Beach, which is an odd mixture of Odessa, the Soviet Union, America, and something else very special. Do not forget to visit Wall Street to be photographed with the famous bull, standing near New York Stock Exchange. Oh, that's such a beast would be your boss! But this is a great idea.

You can easily buy the boss of the bull, only smaller and on the stand, which are mounted clock. Always nice to keep an eye on the time and feel at this hardened stock wolf. New York consists of different blocks, each in its own interest.


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