Al Gore

And the most important event was that said there is no more doubt that humans are the main cause of this change, which in past years is rebutted and that even today is still contesting although very quietly. a At the end of February 2008 was published and the following part of the report. It became known a warning of Scientists: If emissions of greenhouse gases are not reduced substantially by the year 2020, global warming will set in motion irreversible processes, such as the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and ocean acidification. Acidification of the oceans means that reefs could also be changed, because the carbonic acid dissolves the lime. a populist German newspaper BILD, referring to this subject published spectacular headlines. First eNuestro planet is muriendou. That was after the first report. After the second report referred to the year 2020 saying we still have 13 ESOL anos.u The third report deals with the consequences of these transformations.

What they mean for the Earth, for humanity? Droughts, floods, storms, water shortages, extinction of species, millions of fugitives. In addition, deaths from heat. a In early May published the following report concerning climate that salvation is possible, but this should be reduced from 50 or 80% the emission of carbon dioxide. Then came a summer break, that Al Gore and his friends took to organize the biggest musical event in history: eLive Earthu with 2 billion viewers on all continents. Consider also the Titanic music played until the end.

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