About spies and betrayal …

I think we only show the tip of the iceberg, as always, to see if you look at these comments from very knowledgeable and recommended this blog (elgrancomboclub): 1. Difficult Neighbourhood No wonder.We have a conflictive relationship with neighboring countries. As you remember, we had conflicts and wars in 1975 (Tacna), 1981 (False Paquisha), 1983 (Malvinas), 1995 (Cenepa) and since the beginning of this century, we had a resurgence of tensions with southern neighbors. It’s like someone who has a health issue that has to care for and live with him. You have to take precautions. No need to despair, or burn flags, or do bad blood. We must take action. As the French proverb says, good accounts make good friends. Toca, therefore i) to take care of military parity at all times and ii) to reciprocity in political and economic relations. i) The country needs a deterrent to military level. The neighbor may be underestimated. Whatever. The important thing is that we do not underestimate ourselves.It was Chile’s reaction to The rocket and the Scud Paulet 1 . There was concern. Supposedly, the neighbor has military superiority, but be careful. ii) National defense is not isolated from economic relations. In the discussion of the reciprocity law was clear that the technocrats had much more power than the Peruvian military. It is ridiculous that the neighbors have laws that restrict investment in its ports, and Peru do not have them.See Giampietri A law or law of reciprocity and national security . In Chile during the Pinochet government had several debates won by the military on technocracy, Pinochet’s fist striking the table included: the law of the copper and the non-privatization of military pensions, among others. (If the AFPs are so good, why a military government military excludes them ).View The Chilean military and its relationship with the United States . In Peru during the Fujimori appears that all the debates had won the technocracy, following a low-profile tactic .

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