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The Audience

This method, first of all, became widespread in hip-hop: it was due to the fact that in this style, the tempo is slightly lower than, say, the music of "House", therefore it is enough "space", where you can "Improve the song, adding a vocal passages or other phrases. Scratches can consist of several different audio fragments and used to give Setu integrity. However, to win the respect of the public, you not necessarily overly complicate their set with all kinds of glasses, or turn it into a purely skrech-SET (bust with skrechem quickly tires the audience), this tool is intended merely to decorate your game and make it an element of live performance and improvisation. Scratching can be applied not only in hip-hop, but also in other styles of modern popular music. dj, who can perform scratching, it is easy to make all present dance. Main here – a sense of rhythm if you have not sufficiently developed, is constantly working on it and only then try their skills on the audience. Equipment to carry out scratching, you'll need a pair of vinyl turntables, dj Mixer with krosfeyderom, a pair of special needles and a pair of slipmatov.

Specific recommendations on specific models of equipment will be given later. We begin with slipmatov. Slipmaty are very important component that allows you to push the plate back and forth to the required distance, and due to the absence of friction between her and a rotating base, you have the opportunity to do this very quickly. Slipmat must be dry. Stock up on enough slipmatov, intending to speak at the club, as a rule, they must often change due to moisture. If slipmat ceases to slide freely, beneath him a special lining of thin plastic.

Very often they are supplied to slipmatam. In an extreme case, take a plastic bag cut it to size slipmata and place on platter player. What is the exact model slipmatov difficult to recommend, here everyone chooses for themselves. Many very positive about slipmatah with special holes in the radial They say they are better glide.